The vignettes are little wooden boxes, with glass in front. I make them for special people when they celebrate something special in their life. The vignettes have a name, are numbered, and to each of them belongs a story, which I wrote.

1. Baby room for Mark



2. Room for Lian



3. Salon de Beauté...



4. The naughty boys



5. Fleur the Cliniclown



6. The lying-in presentbox



7. Dikkertje Dap



8. Ghostnight



9. The last removal box



10. Mini Memory Norway



11. Hurrah it's a boy



12. The nanny



13. The golden birthday...



14. The enchanted pond



15. Hickory and Belgium



16. The Christening Feast



17. In the clouds



18. Fooled



19. The Chinese Wall



20. Ballet Break



21. Sarah's Corner



22. Never again to Switzerland



23. Mini Memory Canada



24. Colours in Art



25. Museum of Fairy-tales



26. Mini Memory Maui



27. Forest of the Trolls



28. Mini Memory Scotland



© Jolande's Mini Fantasy