CANADA / USA 2006  

Two years ago I discovered that Canada was a miniature heaven, so this year I brought an empty suitcase with me and it was no problem at all to fill it :-)

At Toys'R'Us I saw these mini barbies.
I am going to use them in the house of the flower sisters.
I am going to cut their hair and give them new clothes.

5 different models of the famous Michaels hutches, but I bought a lot more than 5 :-)
Some are broken, but for the price, it is no problem to glue a knob or a leg to the hutch.

Bowls - barrels - buckets - bottels - flowerpots - circle's
and napkin rings all from wood. I bought a lot more than you
see on this picture.

Different woodsies, I think they will be nice as birdhouses.

Stickers: the daisy is for Daisy's kitchen,
the others for the picture album of this holiday.

3 new punches for my collection.

Different things for different projects.

A big totempole and 3 tiny, they are for my adobe.

And I found these lovely beads.

From the slice of red agate I am going to make a table
in the lotus room of the flower-sisters house.
The lotus flower is for decoration.

Two different Tinklebells for my fairy room.

These lovely miniatures I found in old Chinatown in Chicago.

A Hallmark ornament of Raggedy Ann and Andy
For the Raggedy Ann and Andy room.

Also a Hallmark ornament. This is Father Christmas,
but with few changes I think he will be a lovely wizard for Diagon Alley.

Again a Hallmark ornament. This Ark of Noah,
is perfect for the Gallery with arks.

Wallpaper for the Raggedy Ann and Andy room.

A dollhouse book, and two I Spy books.

To China

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