The outside

The inside.

"A pair of enormous purple toads sat
gulping wetly and feasting on dead blowflies."

"A gigantic tortoise with a jewel-encrusted shed"

Poisonous orange snails were oozing slowly
up the side of their glass tank."

A fat white rabbit kept changing into a silk
top hat and back again with a loud popping noise.

Cats of every colour.

"A noisy cage of ravens."

"A basket of funny custard-coloured furballs".

"Sleek black rats wich were playing some sort of
skipping game using their long bald tails."

I had more cages than there were animals in the book
so I took inspiration from the book "Fantastic beast and
where to find them."





And I had this 2 magical animals that I really liked
to use, although I know the unicorn is so wrong in a cage.

Winged lion


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