In my opinion, Swiss is the most dull country I have ever visited, but you can find there a lot of miniatures, and you don't have to go to a special dollshouseshop or fair.

In a giftshop in Bern, I found these 3 Arks of Noah.
They will be perfect for the exhibition-roombox
of all my Noah's arks.

You can open the arks and inside there are also animals.

These bears I found in different shops.
They will all look very nice in the "I love bears-room".

These typical Swiss items will find a place in a
Swiss vignette that I am going to make.

This box of beads I bought particulary for the little skull-beads.
I am going to use them in the room of the horror-writer.

Look what I found for the boathouse.

3 new cauldrons for the shop in Diagon Alley.

For in a garden.

In the village where we stayed, was a secondhand-shop where I found these items.

3 rubber baby's. I already have some baby's and perhaps one day
I will make a scene with a swimming-pool and a sandpit for them.

And all these things I bought because you never know :-)

Always useful.

In Swiss they use the miniatures to make little cards, like this one.
It was a gift from the shopowner in Aarau, because I liked the birdhouse
so much, but it was sold out. So she gave me this little card from her collection.

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