Austria is a beautiful country, but nobody has ever heard of miniatures. Now and then you find something of Reutter porzellan, but other miniatures...
On the pictures below you see 'all' the mini's I found in 4 weeks!

The bears have a kind of a folkloristic costume.
I bought them for the room with bears.

2 nice cans for beer from Reutter.
I bought them for you-never-know.

A Reutter plate of the Stephansdom in Vienna.
It will look nice in my typesetters drawer.

Another Reutter plate, this one with the face of Empress Elisabeth (Sisi).
Also for in my typesetters drawer.

This clock is also from Reutter,
I bought it for my clockshop.

Okay, I admit, Neuschwanstein is not in Austria, but in Germany.
We visited this magnificent castle on our
way home, and then I bought this miniature version.

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