In all the years I am into miniatures I have received many Christmas presents and swaps.
To make a nice display with them, I bought a roombox, wallpaper and carpet. A set of furniture was lying in a cupboard for years and now it finally came of use. I bought Santa and his wife to live in the room and everything else you see are swaps and presents.

I don't have separate pictures from all the different swaps, but a few. The name of the maker is next to the picture.

Marcella     Dineke

Ria    Dineke

Mieke    Anneke

Both from Caroliene   

Elsje    Bettina

Both from Monique   

Marian    Anja

Both from Thea   

Yvonne and Sini    Annabella

Dienke    Anneke

Both from Ria   

To Sint Nicolaas room

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