My collection of miniatures 3 wise men.

On Twelfth Night (January 6) it is a tradition in France, Belgium and some parts of The Netherlands to bake a cake, and insert a bean inside the cake.
The person who finds the bean in his or her slice, is king for the day. More recently, this "bean" has been replaced by a ceramic or porcelain figure.
Now and then I buy these "beans" but sometimes I also make 3 wise men myself.




Rubber ducks



Pawns and beads



La vierge a l'enfant / briljant



Paper cut



Paper cut



Paper cut






Paper cut






made for the September challenge



Noch trainfigures





made for the April challenge



Rois de Bethleem



Rois la nativite mat



Les rois mages 2002



Native Renaissance







La creche ancienne








Creche Manger H.Q.



Prestige mate



Petit creche



A new pair of wisemen, made of punched paper.



I made these from jewellery findings and wooden beads



These are also made of jewellery findings



Made from cocktailsticks and beads



Made from fabric and beads



Carrefour 2005



Carrefour 2005






Blanc et or







Santons Naissance





4 and 6 cm









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