This month the challenge was: make a decoration for
a window, a door, a wall or stepps.
Because of Sint Nicolaas on December 5
I made a little Sint Nicolaas of a wooden flowerpot,
to putt on the window-sill.


I thinkt this is the most dull challenge up until now.
There was only 1 material: iron wire...

I made something for a bird to sit.


The materials:

I made a hat for a witch


The materials:
We could use as many (old) parts of jewellery as we like.
And we could use 3 or less other materials
I used:

And again I made 3 wise men to enlarge my collection

July and August

I took a long vacation, so no time
for the challenge.


This month the challenge was something different,
instead of a list with materials that we had to use, it said:
Make an oillamp.
So I made an oillamp from all kind of beads and buttons.


One of the materials was a little container for coffeemilk.
I put it in front of me on my workingtable, but it not inspired me
so no challenge this month.


The materials:
I made 3 wise men for my collection


The materials:

I made a cover for the angel


The materials:

I made a Valentine table

January 2007

The materials:

I made a modern vase
with lucky bamboo

To the Challenge of 2006

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